• ⅢⅢⅡⅡ_Huang Jing Photography Exhibition
    Opening: 2018.05.26 / 16:00 - 18:00
    Duration: 2018.05.26-07.06 / 10:00 - 18:00
    Venue: OFOTO Gallery. 2F, Building 13, 50 Moganshan Rd., Shanghai


    Essay:Jin Dan


    Huang Jing’s works possess a barely expressible “Indisciplined Order”. As straight forward as its literal meaning, at a glance, this order seems to be built within purposeless thinking. Yet through observation, decision making and finally photographing, the language of photography evolves into Huang’s unique form of narration which continuously self-cultivate and unconsciously transforms into an act of order.


    Geoff Dyer commented on Brassai that artists and cities manifest through concealment. Through his works, Huang constructs a seemingly unrealistic world which is free of complication and infused with fantasy. Even flies are important components in this world. Everything is preserved crisp and clear in his photographs; never-ending stories waiting to be unfolded in pressing tension despite being exposed unwittingly. As if the Tower of Babel has fallen, shattered dialogues are carried through anything and everything in the language Huang created. Gravel, rain, ferns, goldfish, elephants and fireworks; all is still but intensely restless.


    In a midnight of a brightly lit city, in a first snowy evening, and in an afternoon suddenly awaken, these mundane yet secretive souls await in the darkness. They are bluntly woken up by an abrupt silence of déjà vu, to be surrendered by confusing busyness. This daydream strikes through Huang’s compositions in sharp brushstrokes concisely. A rare glimpse of power gently arises, and a steady force builds up in the indisciplined order.Every fragment inadvertently becomes a haunting daydream.