• Zen Art Exhibition
    Opening: 2019.12.21/ 16:00 - 18:00
    Duration: 2019.12.21-2020.02.14/ 10:00 - 18:00 
    Venue: OFOTO Gallery. 2F, Building 13, 50 Moganshan Rd., Shanghai

    Artists: Chen Min, He Saibang, He Yiwen, Jin Huilin, Ji Jun, Li Zechen, Liu Min,  Ren Guanshou, Song Haidong, Wu Yiming, Xia Yang, Yuan Jin, Zhou Lei, Zhai You heng



    Essay:Song Haidong

    It’s been nearly two years since the last Zen Art Exhibition. The second one is approaching. Although some people are missing on the name list, others fill the gap with their new works. That’s the fate.

    Fortunately, in recent years, I have met about ten friends who are dedicated to the experience of traditional literature and art, as well as those who are engaged in the integration of traditional and contemporary art or the "double track" creation experiment. In their spare time, they enjoy the leisure, while adhere to their spiritual pursuit.

    They have their own distinctive personalities. Some are as aloof as Nizan, some are wild, some are graceful, some are solemn, some are playful, some are obsessed with art while the others depend on the cultivation of literati. According to the ancient emperor  Songyuanjun's method of judging people, this group will certainly not be weak in their works.

    In the present art scene, there should not be only one voice and feature. With this in mind, a group of people will meet at the transition from 2019 to 2020, showing their works that are worth of their signatures.

    From now on, I am looking forward to a good time of appreciating your works and being together with you. We also welcome new and old friends.

    Last but not the least, on behalf of all the participating artists, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Luo Yongjin and Huang Yunhe, who are very enthusiastic in helping the exhibition.


    2019, Summer