• ENLIGHTENMENT - Art Exhibition

    Artists: Bogdan Konopka, Alain Jullien, Bai Guanghua, Christopher Taylor, Zeng Heping, Chang Keyong, Chen Jin, Chen Nong, Chen Yongsheng, Qiu Minye, Dong Wensheng, Feng Fangyu, Guo Peng, Hang Mingzhi, Jiao Jian, Jing Yibing, Luo Yongjin, Niu Jianhai, Sun Hongbin, Tian Ye, Wang Tong, Yuan Rongsun, Zhang Hua, Zhang Weimin,  Zhang Weixing
    Opening: 2019.06.22 / 16:00 - 18:00
    Duration: 2019.06.22 - 2019.08.30 / 10:00 - 18:00
    Venue: OFOTO&ANART, 2F, Bldg.13, 50 Moganshan Rd., Shanghai, China

    Artist Statement

    Bai Guanghua: Meditation brings the past vivid in the mind.

    Christopher Taylor: I was looking for elements or metaphors in the landscape that might refer back in some way to ancient Chinese culture.  
    Chang Keyong: Is the inspiration of photography similar to the enlightenment of Buddhism? 

    Chen Jin: Using lens to connect objects, life, death and ourselves is to create a phenomenon. It is  a reall introspective to life. 

    Chen Nong: Time reproduces the present abstraction and keeps the soul of the work alive. 
    Chen Yongsheng: Where there is no Spring! 
    Qiu Minye:Gods and Buddhas are born in darkness, because people need light. 
    Dong Wensheng: The work "Buddha's-hand" was recently created. I consider it as a continuation of another work "One Punch Five Mountains" which was created ten years ago. There are some similarities between the two in terms of method and choice of objects. I try to bring the present experience into the foggy past. 

    Feng Fangyu: When the light came in from the wheel of transmigration on the second floor, I vaguely saw the figures of Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin. 
    Guo Peng:Where do your hart rest?Nowhere to rest is rest. 

    Hang Mingzhi: Amitabha protects all beings.

    Jiao Jian:I "fill the void" with my body, The pain is pleasurable; The void is not really filled up. I just mark and measure the void with my body. 
    Jing Yibing:Waking up to a phantom-a dish of snails. Imitating a Buddha and imagining yourself a Buddha, is like playing in a snail shell. 
    Luo Yongjin: Life is to come across all desires between hell and heaven. 
    Niu Jianhai: The one you seek is near and coming to meet you - Boundless Bodhi Road.  

    Sun Hongbin:Casual emotions along with random paintings. 
    Tian Ye: The world is big. Buddhas exist naturally. 
    Wang Tong:Where do we come from? Do we end up going back?
    Yuan Rongsun:An unexpected touch from an unexpected moment in the unexpected changes of space and time.
    Zhang Hua:The earth is still full of stones, but very few encounter me.  

    Zhang Weimin:You and I stare at each other in the dark.  
    Zhang Weixing:The grass, tree, mountain and stone in the dark secret garden under the flash light of five seconds in the dark have expressed one thousand times for me. 

    Zeng Heping:Hell is the reflection of heaven! Amitabha! 

    This Exihibition is Dedicated to Bogdan Konopka


    by Alain Jullien


    Photography is an easy way to express oneself; it is an easy way to show ones feelings. I have been doing it for more than forty years, with little success. Fortunately there are some that can use the medium to its best.

    Bogdan came from Poland and showed us the grey and sad but beautiful city scape of his homeland. He can live in Paris and expose the unknown side of a romantic city. He can also travel to China and be moved by century old traditions completely unknown to him but revealed by his medium: photography. Not image making, not immediate imagery, shallow and colorfull, but slow, small and dark but brilliant photographs. He has learned to write with light,which is the meaning of the greek word Photography (photo/light graph/write) . His true uniqueness is that he is also a master of writing with dark/black.


    Bogdan has left us, maybe, but we have the traces of his art, of his heart, and this can alleviate the loss of a good friend. I shall have a cup of tea, a glass of wine, a shot of alcohol and a tear for the memory of the man, fortunately, I have his images to remember the artist.


    Groix June 4th 2019