by Wang Tong

I was born in the second year following the commence of the Cultural Revolution, and spent my childhood years queuing for rations of grain and pork. Throughout that period, there was a great level of difficulty in obtaining basic commodities. My greatest dream was to satisfy my craving for a meat stew! However, looking back, actually the vast majority of my childhood recollections are of a time spent in a state of happiness and good fortune. Afterwards, changes occurred; state-owned enterprises developed a contract system for work hours, state-owned homes became privatized. The reconstruction of Chinese territory became a national dream. Formerly, high-rise buildings were only to be found in Western capitalist nations, yet they are now more and more common. Similarly, in the past, it was only in books describing the future that one might find images of high-speed motorways, stretching further and further. In the rapidly altering world of today, even remembering the events of yesterday requires imagination. One cannot yet say whether the preoccupations of the present-day are good or bad, yet we are unwilling to return to the past. Considering this, what would happen if a great figure of the past emerged from a classical portrait into the world of today?

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